Turkish Food

Turkish Food and Cuisine is just Amazing

Eating at the Salda Lake

The Turkish Food is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world and belongs to the oriental kitchen. Whether sweet, sour or spicy, there is a suitable dish for every taste. To cover this capital, we would have to write a whole book. To put it in a nutshell, the Turkish cuisine is just delicious! Because the Turkish cuisine has a long tradition, is characterized by different cultures in the Ottoman Empire and thus offers a variety that is rarely found in other kitchens. Several hundred years ago, the Ottomans loved to cook and were open to new dishes from other cultures such as Balkan or Middle Eastern cuisine. Thus, today’s Turkish cuisine was able to develop and reflects a unique influence from Eastern Europe to the Arab world.

Turkish Food – Burdur Şiş, Köfte, Bulgur, Lahmacun as main courses

In the province of Burdur, where also Salda is located, one of the most famous main dishes is the “Burdur Şiş”. Minced veal grilled with roasted peppers and tomatoes. In addition there are green parsley, onions and fresh stone oven bread. With the right dosage of salt, the whole thing tastes unmistakably good! For example, try other main dishes like Köfte with bulgur, which can match your taste with different spices depending on preferences. Another option is for example a Lahmacun (Turkish pizza), which is prepared with minced meat and home-made dough.

Turkish Tarhana soup

For starters you often get soup. The “TarhanaCorba” is one of the most famous soups in Turkey. A simple description of the preparation of the soup can be described as follows:
vegetables such as e.g. tomatoes, peppers,
onions and garlic are cooked, then pureed and
then dried. Honestly, we do not
know any soup that tastes
better than the Tarhana Corba.

Turkish tea for breakfast

The Turkish breakfast always includes a traditional black tea called “çay”. In Europe, it would be a normal black tea. In Turkey, however Cay is again slightly different than in Europe and is considered the most popular hot drink. For cay bread is usually served with e.g. olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, sheep’s cheese and garlic sausage (sucuk). There are also innumerable variations from the simple Turkish breakfast to the extensive breakfast, which knows almost no limits. In many cases include eggs, fresh salads and other pastries.

Turkish coffee and dessert

If you are already trying Turkish specialties, do not forget the Turkish coffee! Turkish coffee is much more than just a coffee specialty from Turkey. As a coffee lover, you must try this aromatic wonder, but be careful and do not drink too much as this coffee is very caffeinated. For this coffee, you must try a Turkish dessert, such as Baklava. This combination is unbeatable and a pure pleasure!

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