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Tours Salda Lake & Pamukkale

Tours Salda Lake with Pamukkale Combination

Tours Salda Lake gives you the possibilities to visit the untouched and unique natural beautiful places, which are really worth seeing, but that’s not all Southern Turkey has to offer. Our guides will give you more travel tips how you can combine several trips with the Salda Lake. You can book various cheap excursions directly here.


Pamukkale Thermal Pool

Pamukkale is near Denizli, which is about 100 km from the Salda Lake. The limestone terraces of Pamukkale is a unique natural wonder that you must see. In addition to the limestone terraces, there is the historic and ancient city of Hierapolis, whose ruins have remained in excellent shape. The limestone terraces were formed thousands of years ago by a geological rupture zone that had in several places thermal springs with a temperature of 36° Celcius. As they leached the limestone, they accumulated mineral substances that solidified into calcareous sinter as they cooled down on the surface of the earth.

Hierapolis Ruins

Tours Salda Lake – In antiquity, Hierapolis was a large and thriving city. Under the ruins of the large buildings of the open-air theatre parts are still preserved in best form. In Pamukkale, in addition to the ruins of Hierapolis, the plutonium (Sharon) Cave is known for its touristic importance. Calcareous waters are abundant in this region. In the northeast of Denizli, around the village of Bucalı, there are now arcs that have become lime deposits to channels.

Other options for top excursions near Salda Lake would be:


  • Burdur Archaeological Museum
  • Lisinia Wildlife Center
  • Old town of Kibyra
  • Sagalassos ancient city
  • Insuyu Cave
  • Karatasee
  • Stone Room Mansion



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