Temperature Salda Lake

Temperature Salda Lake?

Temperature Salda Lake? Betrayed in advance, no matter what the weather on Salda Lake prevails, through the variety of activities, you will never be bored. The weather at the Salda Lake could be described as a mixture of the weather in Central Europe and the rather warmer southern Turkish region. Of particular note is that the region is between 1’100 meters to 1’200 meters above sea level and is surrounded by mountains. As a result, hot summer days end with cooling nights. After sunset, the night sky and the moon on the horizon seem tangibly close. The morning is the perfect time to swim in the high season in the crystal clear Salda Lake. Especially in the morning, the water is crystal clear and very clean. Especially when the sun rises in the morning behind the mountains is an incredibly beautiful sight, which you have to experience! During the months of July to September, the average daytime is between 30° C and 40° C. The strong sun should then rather be avoided. Recommended is to use always sun protections and sunglasses. Therefore, it is recommended to go swimming in the morning before it’s getting to hot in the afternoon. The water is then also clear and very clean. Imagine having breakfast on the beach with your partner and seeing the sun rise. It’s going to be an unforgettable day!

Temperatures Salda lake

In order to enjoy the sun during the day, the months of April and June are recommended, since the temperatures are most comfortable between 25° to 30° Celsius. The most popular months for hiking and biking tours around Salda Lake are the months of March, April, October and November. In these months, the temperature varies between 15° to 25° degrees. Perfect for pleasant hiking tours and bike rides. Rainy days are rare in the high season. There may be occasional rainfall between October and March.

Ski Resort SaldaKayakMerkezi

The ski resort in Yeşilova should ideally be visited in winter between December and February. Experience skiing fun in Turkey and in the white mountains of Yeşilova overlooking Salda Lake! Yeşilova is rather a smaller ski resort with a unique view of Salda Lake

Travelers report that as soon as they arrive in the Salda Lake Region they immediately notice the fresh and clean air and thus their well-being increases. This difference is obvious when you live in urban areas. Take a deep breath on arrival and treat yourself to a relaxing break at Salda Lake! The sleep in the region of Salda Lake is also extremely good, as the temperatures drop during the night. As you get out of bed, the fresh air will make you feel less sleep than usual and fitter than anywhere else.


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