Salda Lake

Salda Lake – one of the most breathtaking  places in Turkey

Salda Lake is the most famous and clearest crater lake in south Turkey, within Yeşilova the district of Burdur Province. There is a village called with the same name Salda. It lies at a distance of about 150 kilometers to Antalya. The untouched beautylake has become the latest hotspot of the region. The lake surrounded with beautiful mountains and forest, which are similar looking like the Swiss Alps in the winter, has many special properties. The white sand and clean turquoise blue water looks like the Maldives. Therefore the place mostly been known as the Turkish Maldives. The islets within the lake complete the fantastic scenery. With 196 meters, the lake is one of the deepest in Turkey and covers 43,70 km2. One of the most interesting things is the fact that the sea level is above 1’316 m, which is unusual high for a freshwater lake. Many academic studies have been done on Salda Lake.

More Facts about the special Lake

Scientist found out that it is one of the locations where ancient stromatolite algae still grows. The blueprints are also deep because the vegetation is formed by a volcanic eruption. Further specialties of the tectonic lake is that the raft is carrying Mars features, which is indeed mysterious. The lake is a popular expedition spot for traveler across the region or from outside, the more so due to the hydromagnesite mineral found in its coastal waters, which is believed to offer therapies for certain dermatological diseases. The natural place has many different endemic plants and animals like fishes, turtles, quails, hares, foxes, wild boars and wild ducks.Scientists found that more than 100 bird species live here. This nature reserved place is being protected by the government.

Summary properties of the Salda Lake

  • Deepest, cleanest and highest laid fresh water lake in Turkey
  • The lake has 4 different sorts of beaches: white sand beach, grey sand beach, very little black/white stoned beach and big stoned beach
  • Turquois until deep blue water
  • Many little white islets
  • The water is full of soda and different magnesium minerals
  • The special mud helps for dermatological diseases, muscle and bone problems
  • Gorgeous mountains and forests surrounding the Lake
  • There are many different activities, which you can do
  • More than 100 bird species and other nice animals

The exact location for the places, which looks like the Maldives is called Salda Plaji.



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