Salda Lake Maldives

Salda Lake Maldives

Salda Lake Maldives you can enter from all sides as there are no barriers. Enter the place with white beach between the mountains and under the warm shiny sun. You can swim in almost all areas of the lake, but you should avoid the muddy areas. The muddy areas of the beach can be dangerous for swimming. In addition, you should know that some areas of the lake start to get deep many after several meters and other beaches are really deep directly on the shore. Thus, you should be especially careful the first time you enter the water. To avoid risks, do not walk more than 10 meters into the lake. Especially the dark blue spots of the lake are very deep and could be dangerous. Generally it is recommended that you visit a beach with supervision. The entrance fees to the beaches are very cheap with approximately 1.5 Euros per person and you have access to toilets. These beaches aremore enjoyable, as the beach staff clears away the rubbish and keeps the area clean. The water is always pleasantly warm from April to October.

Turkish Salda Lake Maldives Holidays on Different Beaches:

 Salda Maldivler Plajı / Salda Lake Maldives: On this beach you can swim and experience the breathtaking Maldivian feeling. This beach is the most famous and beautiful lake beach in entire Turkey. The turquoise water, the white sand and the small islands are all here. The entrance to the beach costs about 1.5 Euros per person. There are no additional charges for parking. There are several small café bars near the beach.

Yeşilova Halk Plajı: In addition to a beautiful beach for swimming, there are also various camping places with direct beach access. The entrance to the beach costs about 1.5 Euros per person. There are enough parking spaces available. It is also possible to stay in bungalows (about 20 euros per night). The bungalows are very busy, so you should make a reservation as early as possible. Besides that you have the possibility to rent a canoe or a rubber boat. No fees are charged for camping or parking. There are several small restaurants and cafe bars near the beach

Doğanbaba Plajı: This beach is currently for free. There are no charges for parking. You can also swim on this beach and have the opportunity to walk miles along the lake. There is a small restaurant right on the beach with toilets.

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Salda Lake Maldives