Lavender Fields

Lavender Fields Excursion 

If you are already at the Salda Lake, then definitely a trip to the lavender fields in Isparta to thelavantaderyasi would be worthwhile. The nearly 90 km are just over 1.5 hours from the Salda Lake. In recent years, these lavender fields have become extremely popular in Turkey, as you could see this stunning sight in the past only in the south of France. Find the best and cheapest Travel Tours in Turkey.

When is the best time to visit the lavender fields?

Normally, lavender flowers from the beginning of June to the beginning of August. Depending on the type of lavender and locality of the growing area, it may even take a little longer. The harvest takes place after the strongest solar radiation in midsummer, because then the content of essential oils is the highest. Exactly in these momentarily the lavender smell particularly intense and fresh. The sooner it gets warm in the year, the sooner the lavender blossom starts.


Amazing Place to be

It is a beautiful sight when the purple flowers of lavender fields stretch into infinity. You should not miss this idyllic picture under any circumstances.

The lavender flowers have various top 10 benefits such as:

  • Bath additive (lavender flowers in the bath water helps a lot to relax)
  • Lavender Vinegar (helps with oily skin or with acne)
  • Lavender oil (used as lip balm or massage oil)
  • Lavender tincture (toothpaste or hand cream is created with this tincture)
  • Lavender scent (lavender scents keep moths away if you put them near to the clothes)
  • Lavender butter (is great if you want to bake a sweet bread)
  • Lavender tea (can help you calm down when your stressed)
  • Seasoning salt (lavender can be used as a spice and it’s helpful for digestion)
  • lavender marmalade (very special marmalade, which you can even make yourself quickly)
  • Anti-mosquito repellent (mixed with water, it is an effective remedy for mosquitoes)

Where are the lavender fields in Turkey?