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Around the lake there are various accommodation options. There are smaller hotels right on the beach like in the area of Salda and Kayadibi. Within Yeşilova and Salda there are several apart hotels. Most of the accommodations are newly renovated and in good condition. The standard of hygiene in the hotels is also very high. There are not too many hotels in the region at the moment, but the existing accommodations are of a good standard. Here we have tried and tested hotels, which we can recommend.


With the increasing popularity of this place, more new hotels are expected to open surrounding Salda Lake in the next few years. In addition to the hotels, there are numerous residents in various villages, such as Doğanbaba, Yeşilova and Salda, who offer their own accommodation. The prices for the hotels in the high season (March to October) vary between 40.00 Euros to 70.00 Euros per night. Out of the season the prices are 50 percent lower. The prices in the apart hotels start about 20.00 Euros per night. During the summer months, we recommend that you make your reservations early enough as nearly all accommodations are sold out within a short time.


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Currently there are several campsites and bungalows on the beach, but these accommodations will probably be abolished soon by the authorities. It may be working on a new concept for campsites and bungalows. In this regard, there is still no precise information. Many of the campsites are currently still available for free.


The main language spoken is Turkish, but many of the hotel staff can also speak foreign languages. In general, the local people are very generous and friendly. If you have any questions, the locals are also very nice and helpful.


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