Hiking Trekking Salda Lake

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Hiking Trekking Salda Lake – Walk in the mountains around the Salda Lake with incredible panorama views

Hiking Trekking Salda Lake – The discovery walking on the mountain of the Salda Lake are for amateur and advances hiking fans. This walk has just a long mesmerizing mountain scenery and the beautiful view to the Salda Lake. The landscape is beautiful and untouched. Various places are nature reserves, which are protected by the state.

You have various options for starting your hike. The types of hiking’s are very different. You can take normal ways that are very comfortable to walk. However, there are also other very hilly and rocky paths to climb the mountains, which represent a slightly bigger challenge.The following locations are best suited for the start of the hike:

Kayadibi: At the top of this mountain, you will find the best view of the Salda Lake at all. It is the perfect height for beautiful vacation photos. Duration of the walk depends of the route, which you take but averagely it will take you approximately
4 hours until you reach the top.
The duration includes the way
back to the start point. (Hiking Trekking Salda Lake)

Yeşilova Kayak Merkezi: This is the famous ski resort in Yeşilova. If you follow the trail, you will find an old watchtower at the highest point of the mountain. The monitoring tower is no longer in operation. However, from this tower you have a fantastic view of the lake and all mountains around. Averagely a walk of approximately 4.5 hours. The duration includes the way back to the start point. (Hiking Trekking Salda Lake)

DoğanbabaPlaji: The village directly opposite Yeşilova: Here you can also hike several kilometers directly on the edge of the beach or take a path into the forest, which lead directly to the peak of Doğanbaba. The Duration of the walk depends also the route, which you take (approximately 4 hours).The duration includes the way back to the start point. (Hiking Trekking Salda Lake)

Recommended hiking equipment

  • A good backpack
  • Hat, beanie or scarf, depending on the season
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen for the lips and skin
  • Insulation and waterproof jacket
  • Flashlight
  • First aid items and insect repellents
  • Diet – dry food
  • Hydration: Add at least 1 liter of water

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