Directions Salda Lake

Directions Salda Lake – How to get to the Salda Lake? 

There are several possibilities in regard to Directions Salda Lake.  For example, when you arrive at Antalya Airport and you rent a car then always drive towards Denizli. After about a few kilometers you will soon see signs to Burdur / Yeşilova. Please always follow the signs to Yeşilova. At the end of the journey, you will arrive directly in the village of Salda, which is the neighboring village of Yeşilova. The journey takes just under 2.5 hours by car. The roads are all in very good condition and can be easily driven. You will pass through beautiful and mountainous villages. We recommend renting a car because you can stop at many beautiful hotspots anytime. Beside Salda Lake there are many other beautiful places in Anatolia. In view of that, many tourists appreciate the ride with the rental car, as they are more flexible with their routes. We have rent always a car from here, as they have the cheapest rental vehicles and best insurances in case something happens. Directions Salda Lake.

Directions to Salda Lake

Flight to Antalya Salda Lake

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Where is the Salda Lake?

You can also take a transfer, for the same route. Please type in the search bar from Antalya to Burdur and when you arrive at Antalya Airport tell then to the driver that you would like to go to Yeşilova/Burdur. The transfer will cost you approximately 95.00 Euros, which is less expensive than a taxi, which you take there directly. In this regard, there is a cheaper alternative from Antalya Airport to the Salda Lake. Take the bus from the Antalya Airport to the Otogar (costs about 5.00 Euros per person). From the Otogar in Antalya, take the bus to Yeşilova (costs about 10.00 euros per person). The ride will take about 3 hours. The buses are very modern and air-conditioned. You can also take a rental car from Izmir Airport and drive towards Denizli. After a few kilometers,you must follow again the signs to Yeşilova. The ride will take about 4 hours. In this route, you also have the opportunity to take a break in many beautiful landscapes and enjoy the panorama. By the way the cheapest flights to Turkey you can find here. We book the flights always from saldatravel, as they have 40 % cheaper flights. Even if you are looking for domestic flight, you can get almost 60% cheaper flights. Directions Salda Lake.

Navigate to Salda Lake

If you have a navigation please enter the following data:

Place: Yeşilova

Postal Code: 15500



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