Cheap Advertising for Companies in Turkey

Cheap Advertising for Companies in Turkey

Cheap Advertising for Companies in Turkey


How do I do cheap advertising for companies in Turkey? Many entrepreneurs and companies ask themselves these questions, but they do not know, which way is the best to proceed. Most do not know which advertising is efficient these days. Nowadays, there are so many different channels for advertising, that a layperson is quickly overwhelmed with the choice of different options. Saldatravel gives you the opportunity to place large advertisements on the main page of Saldatravel has several thousand national and international visitors every month. This means that you can effectively do big advertising with a low budget for your company.

Our Prices – Cheap Advertising for Companies in Turkey

Premium Offer

Placement of advertising on the main page for 10 days: 49.00 Euros

Silver Offer

Placement of advertising on the main page for 20 days: 99.00 Euros

Gold Offer

Placement of advertising on the main page for 30 days: 149.00 Euros

Please send us an email to [email protected] before placing the order. In the email, we need an image (e.g. company logo) that you want to publish on our homepage and the company name. Ideally, we need the homepage address of your company. With a small investment for advertising, it is possible to achieve a great sales increase of more than 50%!

Different types of advertising

There is a multitude of advertisements for companies, products and services today. You can use the following advertising options for your company

  • Magazines
  • TV
  • Posters
  • Radio
  • Internet


Effective Internet advertising for companies

According to the latest study, the most effective method for advertising the Internet with online marketing. In online marketing, there are also many different possibilities such as:

  • Google Ads
  • Social media
  • Marketing agencies
  • Advertising on the main page of known and famous sites

Advertisements from companies that publish their advertising on very well-known websites are particularly effective. Above all, a site like saldatravel, which gets a lot of attention through trips to Lake Salda and Antalya, can have an extremely large number of visitors, which can be very helpful for your business. Advertisements on well-known sites such as saldatravel the product or service does not matter. You can have advertisements placed with us for your restaurant, auto repair shop, hotel, hairdresser salon, supermarket, Production Company and more – regardless of the industry. You can advertise for all types of companies here. The turnover from your business will increase quickly and steadily. Many companies report that their company was able to generate large sales through advertising actions from saldatravel and they regularly invest in advertisements on saldatravel. Our advertising do not only generates more customers that lead to more sales. Through our advertising, companies have also announced that they have gained new partners. These partnerships helped them for larger businesses and expansions, which is amazing. (Cheap advertising for companies in Turkey)



Our service answers the following questions about effective marketing and advertising:

Is Cheap Advertising for Companies in Turkey possible with Google Ads, social media and marketing agencies?

No, the costs for these channels are usually very expensive (between 5,000 and 10,000 euros). This expenditure burdens the budget of smaller companies and on the other hand, unfortunately they mostly do not achieve the desired effect for companies.

How do I do cheap advertising for companies in Turkey?

With us, you can place advertisements for as little as 50.00 euros. This is already a very fair offer compared to other marketing agencies. Check our prices above.

How do I effectively advertise for companies?

With our professional advertising on the main page of saldatravel you can activate effective advertisements. You reach many crowds and groups with the advertising.

How often should you advertise for your company?

The recommendation is that you have to do advertisements on our website at least once a month in order to get more customers for your business.

How do I make more profits with my company?

With regular internet advertisements, you can realize much higher profits. Please note that advertisements on the Internet do not necessarily have to be expensive. Check our offer “Cheap advertising for companies”.