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Bicycle Tours Salda Lake

Our recommendation is “Bicycle Tours Salda Lake” because it is just amazing. There is hardly a more diversified route by bike in entire of Turkey to find. If you want to cycle around Salda Lake, you will be able to enjoy many beautiful views. It consists of essentially all the way with a view to the beaches and the mountains. You will drive through smaller villages such as Kayadibi and also a very short distance through Yeşilova. The remaining routes are always close to nature. You can see a variety of animals and plants on the way, there are several options for restaurants to take a break and then drive on. In the summer months, we recommend you to take enough water with you and start your bike tour at 06.30 clock at the latest. In the morning, you will be fitter for such a sporting activity, as in the afternoon the temperatures are then almost too warm to cycle. If you are a seasoned cyclist, you will still be able to circle the nearly 32 km around Salda Lake in the morning. If you are less experienced, it will take you most probably until the afternoon to circle the entire lake. Nevertheless, the bike ride is also suitable for less experienced cyclists, as it does not have too many climbs to overcome. The beauty is, no matter where you want to take a break, practically anywhere you will have an overwhelming view.

Experienced cyclists 

Many experienced cyclists, who drove at the Salda Lake, said that this is an insider tip among the cycling freaks. As a passionate cyclist you are always looking for the most beautiful places to visit. Here you can combine the landscapes and your hobby of cycling perfectly. There are many beautiful places to do cycling, but one of the favorites and not too well-known places for cycling is the Salda Lake. Simply a fantastic experience the bike tour on the Salda Lake and pure enjoyment.


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