Salda Lake Hotel Antalya Cheap Flights, Car Rentals & Tours

Salda Lake Hotel Antalya Cheap Flights, Car Rentals & Tours

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Salda Lake Hotel, Antalya Cheap Flights, Car Rentals, Tours and Taxi Transfers

Saldatravel is a travel agency that is equipped with the most modern search engines and technology. You can find Hotels, Flights, Tours, Car Rentals and Taxi Transfers anywhere in Turkey, but specifically we have best prices in southern Turkey (Salda Lake Hotel Antalya). Therefore, you can find on the best and cheapest vacation deals. We are specialized in all types of vacation within Turkey. However, our core business are trips to southern Turkey such as Antalya or Salda Lake, but you will only find the best deals through regular visits to our homepage, as the search engine updates are getting done every by hour.

Get all the information you want to know about the Salda Lake, Antalya and Turkish Culture. We have collected a lot of valuable information for you about possible tours to combine, temperatures of the area, directions, Turkish Maldives, various possible activities (cycling, hiking, visiting the Lavender Fields) and much more. Our portfolio includes flights, hotels, car rentals, taxi transfers, tours and much more, so means for you that you get everything what you need for your holidays!

Salda Lake (Salda Lake Hotel Antalya)

Salda Lake is one of the most beautiful and amazing places in Turkey. This place has appeared very often in magazines lately. It is a nature reserve that has many sights to offer. Get the directions to the amazing Lake. It is one of the cleanest lakes in the world and one of the deepest lakes in Turkey. The high mineral water and mud with the healing effects for various pain and facial problems attract many travellers from all over the world to this breath-taking natural area. The tectonic Crater Lake with its white sand, turquoise blue water and small islands offers spectacular views for travellers. This view is actually reminiscent of the Maldives, which is why the lake is also named “Turkish Maldives”. The special thing about Salda Lake is that the lake not only has a beach with white sand to offer, it has also different beaches with special properties. Some beaches even have rocks that are otherwise only found on the planet Mars.

Activities for Salda Lake Trip

The Salda Lake in Yeşilova (Burdur district) is surrounded by various mountains, which also offer different views of the lake for hiking. There are various hiking trails that are well suited for beginners and advanced people. However, the hikes should not be underestimated for advanced traveller, since the Salda Lake itself is already at an altitude of 1140 meters. This is also an unusual feature of the lake, because freshwater lakes are usually not found at this altitude. This phenomenon is very rare to find worldwide. For hikes in Yeşilova we have described a list of the most important hiking equipment and various starting points for the hiking trails. In addition to the hikes, bike tours around Lake Salda can also be carried out. In this regard, we have also put together various tips on how you can best plan your bike tours. Once to cycle around the entire Salda Lake is feasible within a few hours (even for beginners).

Properties by Travelling Turkey, Hospitality of Turkey and Turkish Culture

Tourism is extremely high in the regions of Salda Lake and Antalya. In the annual short survey of our customers, we received an average of 97% positive experiences. This is not only due to the beautiful beaches of the Turkish Riviera in Antalya or the magnificent Salda Lake with the dream views, but also among other things to the hospitality of the locals. The Turkish people treat strangers like their own guests as if they belonged to the family. Where else can you find a free drink or tea at the hairdresser? Where else will you get free coffee for your whole family on your shopping tour in the retailer? These are all gestures that you would otherwise not find in many countries without consideration. The Turkish people are mainly Muslim, but are still very respectful of other religions. The main language is Turkish, but many people also speak foreign languages in tourist regions. The Turks are very helpful, which means that even if they do not speak the foreign languages, they will take care of you and help you.


The currency in Turkey is the Turkish lira. Payments with credit or debit cards are possible in shopping centres. In the region of Salda Lake or in smaller restaurants in Antalya, cash payments are almost exclusively possible. Most ATMs in the Salda Lake region can be found in Yeşilova. Our insider tip, if you have to change money then do it in the banks of Yeşilova, because the rate is almost 0.2 better in almost all currencies than in the big city of Antalya. Yeşilova is the largest municipality in the region of the lake, so the infrastructure is also the most developed. Yeşilova is the only place in the region of the Salda Lake with a hospital.

Vacation Travel Deals in Antalya

Antalya is the fastest developing city in all of Turkey. The development is also promoted by the constantly growing tourism. Accordingly, the southwestern regions such as e.g. Yeşilova, Burdur, Denizli, Alanya and many other cities and villages develop, too. Tourism is booming, above all because the hotels with their offers anywhere in the world have such a good cost-benefit ratio. A very simple example: In the summer season you will also find offers from 5 star hotels (All Inclusive) in Antalya where you can spend two weeks of vacation for two people and only pay around 1’000.00 Euros. This is a really fair price compared to other countries when you consider that in many countries even 3-star hotels for 2 weeks charge double the price for half pension. The offers for vacation trips and hotels are simply unbeatable.

In 80% of the restaurants you can also enjoy a good dinner (3-course menu) with a family of 4 without any problems and do not pay 30.00 Euros. In the region of Lake Salda, prices are even lower in the restaurant. The tourists get a lot for their money and therefore many tourists from all over the world are now on vacation in Turkey every year. Shopping in Turkey in the Turkish Bazaar, at retailers or in shopping centres are around 50% – 60% cheaper than in Europe. Many tourists even claim that they only buy their clothes once a year in Turkey and do no longer buy any clothes in their home country. This is an insider tip from experienced shopping tourists. The big shopping during the holidays is definitely worth it and you save a lot money. The destination Antalya is not only famous for the famous beaches, but also for the big shopping opportunities.

Salda Lake Beach

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Antalya Flight

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Salda Lake White Sand

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